Do you consume Phytosterols in your diet?

Each Cardiosmile sachet contains 2 grams of free phytosterols, the proper portion TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE REDUCTION OF CHOLESTEROL AND TRIGLYCERIDES * IN THE BLOOD and improve your immune response naturally.

* As analyzed in the clinical study by Amir Shaghaghi, et al. 2014. J Funct Foods. 6: 280-289

The content on this website is not a substitute for medical care. While phytosterols have shown promissory mechanisms through which they could support the immune system against viral attacks, Cardiosmile has not been proven to prevent SARS-CoV-2 contagion, nor to reduce the severity of Covid-19. Take good care of yourself, exercise regularly, maintain a balanced nutrition and comply with the protocols that regulatory agencies and the WHO provide to support the community.