Mining exhibition “Launch your Innovation”
The mining exhibition will provide space for emerging innovators in the industry.
-Software to plan and manage waybills (Poligonix)


-Conversion of mining tires (Dinamical)


-Functional food that reduces cholesterol and triglycerides with only one dose per day (Cardiosmile)


They are part of the group of entrepreneurs that will be present at ” Launch your Innovation “, an instance created by the exhibition that seeks to connect the demands of the industrial mining market with the innovative technological offerings that are developed in Chile, and be part of an official activity of Exponor.

Gonzalo Vega, creator of Cardiosmile, says that his product is a worldwide innovation.

“It allows the user to directly add an effective dose of phytosterols (2 grams, as recommended by the FDA) to any food ”.

“We have proven in a clinical study that Cardiosmile is able to reduce triglyceride levels in the blood. These are even a stronger predictor of cardiovascular risk than LDL cholesterol “

Fernando Cortez, general manager of the Association of Industrialists of Antofagasta (AIA), the guild organizing of the event, said that “we seek to immerse in the industrial mining market any emerging technological innovators, who have a technological innovation oriented to the operational challenges of the industrial mining market” because of that,” these 30 selected companies will experience all the business opportunities generated by Exponor Chile 2017 “

Gonzalo Vega adds:

“This type of instances such as ‘Launch your Innovation’ are fundamental to change the country’s paradigm. I shows that it is possible to make innovation from Chile and that there’s value in new inventions. It helps spread them to different media, which translates into a benefit for the companies that have created them. Everybody wins”.

The inaugural ceremony of “Launch your Innovation” will be on Tuesday, May 16 at 3:00 pm at the Iodine Pavilion of Exponor.

Also, the event will feature a presentation called “Catalyst Pitch” on Friday, May 19, at 11:00 in the New Business Hall, Gold Pavilion. 15 innovations will showcase their products and services in-situ.